1995 Guilford Alumna, Molly Sawyer

Molly Sawyer, Guilford College Alumna of ’95, graduated with a studio art degree focusing in ceramics.  However, she has been doing much more than ceramics.  Molly is interested in “in taking part in a conversation that occurs when man-made forms are brought together with natural elements of the earth. ” She admits her first love to be clay and her second to be wax but Molly also says, “I’m fickle about materials.  My favorite is always the one I haven’t worked with in a while. ”  Molly’s work has moved from an intense focus on horses to a study on figures to abstracts.  Throughout each focus, especially the studies in horses and figures, the pieces hold an unconscious sense of motion and beauty.

“I think the figurative work holds more movement to it than does the abstract.  I suppose there is an element of guidance when working directly with a living model, a life essence and sense of immediacy while working which promotes a sense of movement.”

You may have even seen some of Molly’s work for yourself since her sculptures can be found in both private and corporate collections throughout the East Coast.

Molly’s art has changed an evolved since Guilford.  However this does not mean Guilford has not influenced her.  A trip to Bruenburg, where Molly was surrounded by “multiple lifetimes of art”, help by Guilford teachers as well as influence by fellow students has helped Molly develop as an artist as well as a person. Every experience in Molly’s life has effected her in some way and has, in turn, also effected her art: “True and sincere work must come from one’s own experience.”

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Here is a link to Molly’s Website.


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